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Happy Fathers Day!!

I want to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. Everyone please cherish the moments you have with your father. You don’t know when God will decide to make him your angel like he did to me. It’s been three years without you dad. Today is such a horrible day. But I lost more than a father I lost my best friend. The only man that loved me for me unconditionally. Whenever I needed him good or bad or a shoulder to cry on and be held he was there. Every night I close my eyes and see your face. Feels like I’m with you. I know god took you to go be with my two other “fathers” Uncle Dominick and Zio Lino. It just isn’t fair. I wish I had all three of you here with me today to spend the day with me. But I know that’s impossible. I know that all three of you are watching over me today and are with me to help me get through the day. No matter what I carry you all in my heart every day and my life changed since you’ve left me. Especially you daddy. I will never have you there to hold my hand and arm and walk me down the aisle at my wedding and you will never be here to hold your first grandchild. Novak to everyone out there please no matter how many times you fight I must stress please cherish the moments you have. Because I will no longer have those sweet moments with my father or uncles anymore. My fairy tale ended the day my father left me. I miss you daddy more than anything in the world. Please watch other me today and always. See you in my dreams daddy! Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

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