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His Princess

tumblr_mk6459quC11s1ymmho1_400Yes. I chose to be happy. With whom? With you! Yes. You. Because you are the only one who knows me so well. Just you know how to make me smile, how to make me laugh and how to get over bad times. And I am so thankful for that! I cherish every moment with you and i enjoy every second! I love when you look at me with that kind look, when i lay in your arms and you kiss me… gentle, and you make me feel so SPECIAL. YES! That`s the word! You make me feel like I`m so important to you! You treat me like nobody else and you give me wings to fly! You give me stability and healty living. Because I`m so fine, I take care about people from my life, to be happy as I am.

Thank you for loving me! You are the best thing from my life! Our story begins with “Once upon a time” and ends with “…and they lived happily ever after!” Thank you for treating me like a princess!



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What is Love?

We are the tormentors of ourselves…. We are in emotional pain on our own accord… We cry because we struck the first blow… We die because we never learned to let go… Teasing and taunting our hearts get a beat… ‘Just leave’ a message that never gets to our feet… Loving from afar while watching love grown… That will always be harder than you will know… Saying I’ve survived another disappointment, does compare to the lack of joy you’ve felt. Heart break is a universal term… But it’s something that you just can’t warn… Laying here looking at you look for her… You say your happy… I wouldn’t concur… Satisfied might… Ring true… But joy surrealism excitement… These just won’t do… To describe your fake smile and insincere hug… Miles away is where your heart now lays… Hurt yet again because she only loved you like a friend…. Sadly near the brunt on the weight, heading once more for the exit gate… This just hurts, all too well… What is love? I just can’t tell…

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Why Work Hard Anymore?

Society emphasizes the importance of working hard, but that doesn’t mean we should work long hours into exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

Because ultimately what are we working so hard for? I mean really ask yourself, because usually it’s for another reason other than what we think the reason is.

Is it for acceptance? Power? Wealth? True Happiness? It could even be all of these things…

Well guess what. You don’t have to work so hard to find that. All you have to do is look within yourself because you already possess all it is that you’re searching for.

You gotta take the time to discover the essence and the beauty of yourself, because we’re all very beautiful. I’m not speaking in terms of physical appearances at all. I’m not even speaking in terms of humans because I still believe we’re greater than that even. There’s just this magic about us all that leads me to believe we’re greater than how society portrays us to be, especially beyond the way that we look.

I don’t believe that we’re meant to work for money and slave for our right to live comfortably. We’re just stuck in that perception because we’re controlled by people that wanna keep us at a lower vibration: our very own government.

Just think beyond our government for a minute. Think beyond cars, electronics, businesses, city buildings, money, college, political views, anything material and typical. Now think about nature. Picture a serene environment with animals, a lake or mountain, a field of flowers, plants, insects, the sun setting in a pink colored sky behind huge clouds. Now picture you in that environment. That is life. That is the Universe’s creation, and you’re a part of it.

Think about how our bodies are. How we don’t ever have to think about blinking or transferring cells or pumping blood to certain organs. Our body just naturally does that on its own, and our minds have nothing to do with it at all. That’s just our natural instinct and it is what the Universe gave to us. It’s amazing.

Most even believe that the way we perceive things is actually only what we think we see, and that there really is no physical matter here on Earth at all. Just energy vibrating at very high levels, so we perceive them to be solid objects. We even have energy within us. We control our lives through the thoughts that we think and through our feelings and the Universe gives back to us whatever energy we send out to it. A basic law of energy is that like attracts like, whether it be positive or negative, so we’re actually more in control of our lives than we think. We just have to become aware of it.

I used to be scared for thinking this way only because I didn’t know many others that could relate. I was always scared of being viewed as weird or crazy, but then I feel like I was lead to people that felt the same and shared the same views on life as myself. I mean, it’s really not even some spiritual belief or incomprehensible subject. It’s just a deeper look into everything and a deeper realization about life beyond a typical view.

I could be wrong, but it’s what I believe in.

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Dark Clouds

The sun used to shine so bright, so beautifully.
No day existed where the warmth of his rays didn’t engulf me.
So warm, so comforting; it felt so good.
But before too long, the domino effect of his love came crashing down
one after the other.
As his love tumbled, so did I
struggling to hold on because his wrath was just too hot.
My grip was loosened and it wouldn’t be long before it slipped all together.
But why does it have to be like this?
It used to all be so beautiful
Now all that remains is a broken heart on a dark, cloudy day.
Where’s the sun when you need it most?
Lost on a forgotten quest I would say.
As for me, I would never forget.
I would never forget what it feels like to be engulfed by his warmth
and to be receiver of his love.
I could never forget.
The days keep on growing darker, as the sun fails to shine.
But I never forget the bright rays of his love. Ever.
So maybe it’s true to say, my grip has slipped; but it hasn’t really slipped at all.
Because I am still here right? Opposing all other natural forces
My want for the sun will always be there.
I’m cold without his warmth but I haven’t forgotten what it feels like.
The memory is still fresh within the broken bits of artery.
He doesn’t realize that.
So caught up in his own glory
But that’s okay.
Because I know where that path will lead him.
It is certain that if his stance prevails, darker days are inevitable.
But I will be there, I promise to be there to show him the light
like he has to me.
Unknowingly, subconsciously.
He’s my light, my sun, my warmth, my love, my heart.
Nothing will ever change that.
Because I will always remember the days where the sun used to shine so bright, so beautifully.
I will always remember when the days used to feel okay.
And to remember that, I am instantly filled with hope.
Dark, cloudy days don’t last forever.

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What Makes You Happy?

What makes you happy? Is it he feeling you get when you’re excited but scared at the same time when a thunderstorm is happening? Or when you finally see someone you haven’t in a long time and you feel that drop of your heart… That gravity pull… If you think that achieving your goals, or being in a relationship, or thinking about your future makes you happy, it doesn’t… You can’t be authentically happy about things you have no control over… We’re just happy because we know it’s the right thing to do… Being happy for the moment is what we’re all doing… Even if we’re planning ahead for our future happiness that isn’t even guaranteed… So live for now… For these moments… For these laughs… Live for lust… For those late night talks… And those forgiving hugs… Live for happiness… Live for those random walks with your friends… Live for your accomplishments… Live for YOU right now… Happiness is just loving life… So be happy…

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Be Happy

We have such an elaborate pre-defined picture of happiness painted in our minds that we tend to jump to conclusions at the slightest mention of anything contrary to our belief. To the general public, sunshine depicts joy, radiance defines hope; but for a person like me who has stayed in the hot and humid weather of Mumbai and the completely weather beat city of Pune; those words signify nothing but traumatizing heat, sweat and a throbbing head!

Almost each one of us has gone thought that particular situation when even the last drop of water in our classmate’s water bottle seems more precious than the finest elixir and we are ready to be forever indebted to that person in exchange of the same. Ya well… this occurs almost every summer in my case and am pretty sure that I am currently indebted to around fifteen people or so! So in a matter of speaking, the point here is that one bottle of joy and satisfaction is quite contrary to our general perception of happiness. It is cold, damp and invariably scarce. But nevertheless it is the same cylindrical confined space of one litre that earns a thank you, brings you friends and keeps you alive for another hour or so!

Happiness is not what you get, but what you make of it! I see people around me who throw away true joy, ignorant of the reality that they have yet to face. And then they say, “Life is really unfair!” A friend of mine remarked only recently about something really strange that was supposedly mentioned in the book ‘The Secret’. I am neither a fan of spiritual and self-help books nor a great believer. But it went about something like this. “When you think of something positively, the probability of that thing occurring is greater than any other negative thought about the same thing” So if you wish to kill someone; don’t say that! Just wish that person be replaced by someone better and keep your fingers crossed! :p

But seriously enough, this thing does work to a certain extent. Then why not define happiness the same way? The way we should see it? Positive, outward and strong. If darkness gives you happiness then make it your sing song but let no one tell you that it is the pre cursor to evil! Get that joy for yourself irrespective of the fact whether it is summer on the deck or winter in a bottle. It shouldn’t matter as long as your lips are spread wide across from cheek to cheek with a gleam in your eyes. It is a simple life, live it simply, stay happy.

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I realized listening to something on tv that I regret not having had a chance at a different life.  Bad things happen to good people in life. It all leaves a mark. You go on, you heal, you make the best of things and you fight for better.  You work on being better.  They say it will all pay off in time, that everything you would like in life, if you just stick with it long enough will pay off and you can have the things in your life that make you happy.

I learned about choice. I learned about myself. I learned what things I may or may not do to contribute to my own unhappiness unknowingly and still, to this very second, I’m discouraged.

I wonder if I lived a different life if I would be a happier person right now. If I had more money, more opportunity, support of any kind for that matter, people who cared about me in a way that promoted really good things and love in my life.

I don’t know what love is.  I’ve tried to create it in my life and I don’t think I know what it is or how to maintain it. You could say it’s everyone else, you would be close. They say if we are broken on the inside that we attract other broken people and I keep attracting people who are afraid.

I often wonder if I’m still afraid. Way down deep inside why am I still attracting people who run through life in fear. I do my best not to walk around that way. I’m open, I express things, I do the best I can to cultivate healthier relationships and yet, the ones who I want it from in return? Leave.

I have mulled over what I’m doing, what I could have done differently but it keeps sidestepping me.  I am worth more than all this.  I’m simply not sure what else I can possibly do.  Be tougher, more aware, use my intelligence to see things in advance so it never happens again but then again, if you dissect another human being you never see the good.  We need to see the bad too, don’t we?  Yes.

I don’t know how people fall in love and stay together. I don’t understand it because those I care about whether friends or otherwise, never pans out.  I’m not unyielding.

So, if it’s something in me, that I have not found, that I need to work on, what would that be?  I can’t find it.

In a prior post I talked about how each situation was different and evolved in a different manner. This is very true. Right when I was going to beat myself up and say the world is against me, I don’t have the brains god gave me or I’m not as smart as I think, I realized something.

Each situation evolved differently. So how is that my fault? Some took time. I will say that each situation there were things that I ignored for one reason or another. To have faith in another person and to care about them doesn’t mean we ignore everything, things need to be discussed.  That’s how it works, then you work it out.

Yet, still the loss in my life continues. One after the other.

I don’t know what love is and I don’t know how to sustain it because the people I chose are just as afraid as I thought I used to be. Or am I still.

There is the burning question of the day. Am I still afraid that I keep attracting people who are afraid to love, just like me. The people who are supposed to love you most in life are ultimately the ones who leave the biggest marks and this makes no sense to me.  Especially now that I know myself so well and try to express it.

A person I know said that they’re just going to let the person come to them and chase next time. I can identify with that. The last person I lost there was back and forth and then, in the end the twist was such that if I wanted to keep the friendship I had to accept things as they are. Things that greatly outweighed the relationship as a whole, which minimized me as an individual as a person and through that experience you realize that there are things in your life that you should never give up on or give in to.

You go against yourself at any point and accept less than something healthy, you devalue yourself.  It’s not something, after the experiences that I have had, that I want to see happen to me. No thank you. Although, you know, some are running around messing with other people all the time doing these things and no one is the wiser. Guess that makes those people real assholes doesn’t it?

But they really are not an asshole. Not really. Not if no one calls them out on their shit and the whole world is wearing blinders and accepting it. No. They’re a great person, they are on board, they care and they will do anything for you, unless it requires them to do something out of their own comfort zone.

So. At the end of the day. Is that all there is? Superficial relationships based on what everyone else wants?  So, what is love anyway.

Many people call it this big game.  I don’t agree but I can see why they’d say it. In the end they say everything works out as we think it should.

Well. I’m still waiting.

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