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People Frustrate Me!!


Hey there everyone! SO, basically I keep hearing the phrase “it doesn’t bother me” or “I don’t care”. I especially see these phrases on facebook.. what aggravates me though isn’t the presence of such phrases, but more what is either written before or after such words. Most the time, the person that is “not bothered” continues talking about what it is the “doesn’t bother” them and describes their dislike and annoyance towards whatever has occurred. However, by making such a kick about the event, it shows that in fact they are bothered about it. Therefore lying to whoever is unfortunate to have either read/heard or experienced their rant.

Why can’t they just say “look this happened today and it really bothered me because I felt let down or it hurt my feelings or {insert appropriate explanation here}”… You know why? Because in today’s society we see people “not caring” and believe that it means that they are strong, brave individuals. When in reality those individuals are just as scared as anyone else to express their true feelings, in fear of sounding daft or over sensitive. But because we see people holding their feelings in, we then go on to hold ours in and then someone sees us doing it then goes on to hold their feelings in too… the cycle goes on and on!

I tell people if something is bothering me. Don’t get me wrong there are still time when I keep my feelings to myself but that is only because I think that it may cause people unnecessary hurt. But I’m trying to admit when things bothering me and ONE THING THAT BOTHERS ME IS PEOPLE SAYING THEY ARE NOT BOTHERED!

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I Hate People

I can’t stand the whole “I don’t care ” approach. I mean I know so many men who no matter what say “I don’t care”. It genuinely pisses me off. For example, if I had just split up with a long term boyfriend.. You wouldn’t catch me saying “I don’t care” infact I would be quite obviously showing that I do care, probably a little to much. Isn’t it a bit messed up in the head that you can lose the supposed “love of your life” and not give a damn. Either one your lying to yourself or you never loved her.

Or when your doing something that wiĺl affect someone else and you don’t consider how it affects someone else and someone questions you on how you feel about doing that as if they are trying to work out your justification for doing said thing and you simply reply “I don’t care”! It’s infuriating… I feel like knocking these people out, screaming at them “maybe you should fucking care! Because one day someone wiĺl do something without considering you and it wiĺl negatively affect you and you wiĺl care but that person won’t be bothered about your problem because just like you, they don’t care”.

It really gets on my nerves. I care about most things as I would say I’m fairly empathetic… So when someone says they don’t care I kinda feel like they have offended who I am and the way I live my life and I know that it wiĺl be a twat like them that causes or my problems just because they only consider how something wiĺl affect them…

Selfish much!

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Quit Playing

I was vulnerable and so you took advantage of me. The one you hate he broke my heart you said you were glad. You pounced. I don’t know better, I need comfort and being numb. You make me feel special. You suck me into your world where you want me. Hide me away. All to yourself. You keep us a secret and you lie. Play play play. All a game. You said you love me all the time, how much you care. And it was lies because now you say it was always lies to everyone. But I don’t even care anyway. Because I love him. The one you tried so hard to make me not love. And all the people you say you hated before but now you suck them back into your world because you are a sad lonely man and you don’t have anyone else. And you might ruin their lives too. Play play play. All a game. And you are a pervert, and you say gross things. And when I didn’t want you on me and I try to say no, you keep going to have your way. Or when I sleep you wake me to do the same. Touching me when I don’t want. Holding me down and laughing. I couldn’t get away. And the other girls too. So then I try not to stay with you so that I didn’t have to be scared. You say once that you don’t want your daughters to be with cunts so you would never be one. But you do very cunt things. What if that was your daughters. Being talked to like this or scared or try to say no and it means nothing. You should be careful. And you trap me all the time. So I can’t leave you. I feel too guilty to. And then when I do leave you you try to trick me. But I see your tricks. Play play play. All a game. You try to make me feel special. Tell me things that you have never told anyone else. But then I find out everyone already knows it. And then when game is over you keep on playing. You go to the street of the one you hate and you paint a picture of me on the wall. To make us angry or something. Play play play. All a game. And then the one you hate, his lights go missing and his wires get cut and the neighbor he says someone was fiddling with the bikes. Someone who looks like you and then he ran away. And then you write a blog about being cold and cutting off emotions and about important things to me to try to get me but you don’t because I hate you and you are a creep and I want to do bad things to you because you deserve it.

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You’re An Idiot

I like to think there is good in every person. I like to hope that people are inherently good and aren’t out to con, take advantage and swindle you. Sadly is this idealistic view is a fantasy, and the reality is the world is filled with both good and bad people.

I want to trust people. I want to be able to be open and honest about my emotions, I want to be able to lay down every facet of my life on a table and say “look, this is me in my entirety. Every mistake, every triumph, every moment of despair and every moment of soaring joy. Here it is all laid out before you, this is who I am.”

I have a cynical side which questions people when they are getting closer to me and their motives as to why. What do they want from me? What is their angle? Where is this going? I cannot help it. It is just what I do.

Deep down though I want to trust people. I want them to be able to see my vulnerabilites and weaknesses and be able to comfort and accept them. That is what I get on this blog, but the price for this acceptance is I am anonymous, you are all digital packets of data and none of you can actually put your hand on my shoulder and tell me I’m not a fruitcake.

I trust people with secrets and parts of me that I know I shouldn’t. I trust people who I know that really I barely know, but I trust them anyway. I am a fool for being so idiotically open and sincere. I am a naïve child thinking in this fashion.

The walls I once had have been shattered. I need to build them up again. I need to make sure that I can protect myself again from ever being hurt and vulnerable again. I need to lock my emotions in a chest and chuck that b***h in the ocean (if you got that as a Bad Boys II reference, you are awesome).

I need to stop trusting people, it only ever leads to them breaking your trust and leaving you looking at the pieces on the floor of your shattered hopes thinking “How did I end up here again? Oh wait, that’s right, I know how. It’s because you are an idiot”

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Everyone Hates

I’ma get back to how I use to be.
Keep it real.

Ooh girls.

You know that in your life there is that one b**** that you hate. You loathe her.  You’d love to log on Facebook or some shit and read on her status that she’s having a bad day.

But, you’re like, “Damn, she’s pretty.” “I love her long hair.” “She look real cute in that outfit.”

And you don’t hate her for what assets she possesses! No, that’s just petty and stupid. (Although some girls are like that.)

You can just acknowledge when someone’s pretty. Or when they look good. Right?


But, on the inside you’re like, “Man, for all that pretty, there is some real ugly on the inside. What a fuckin’ waste.”

Don’t deny this girls.
If at this very moment you’re thinking, “I’m not like other girls, I’m not like that, I have better shit to do.”

You’re one of those girls I don’t like.

ALL GIRLS are like this. And not just at one point in their life.

Us girls, can hate someone for a completely different reason then why we find them appealing to the eye.

I’m that girl that doesn’t start shit with the girl I hate. I just hate her, and I’ll think things and say things and get annoyed when she opens her mouth. But, I’ll compliment her when she lookin’ real good.

Some people call that being fake, I call it being civil.

Example: I could hate this girl for something she said to me, or what she did to a friend, or how outrageous she is (in a bad way.).
I could look her up and down and think, “Damnit, I love her shirt. Where she get that? Her hair looks good. God. Fuckit I’ma tell her she looks pretty today.”
But at the end of the day you just hate that bitch.
And chances are, she thinks the same about you.

Now, if you’re on the receiving end of this hatred you could be one of two things.

The bitch everyone hates.

Or the bitch that stood up for herself and now the bitch everyone hates has declared war.

Guess what though?

You’re both fabulous.

If you’re confused about this train of thought.

Think of this.

A girl can think a guy is fuckin’ hot and also think he’s a dick.

Same goes for two girls.


Girl logic.

Keep up. ❤




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Life is Beautiful

Nothing is more amazing than a smile that has struggled though tears

Keep your head up and your heart strong! :)

“Power is being told you are not loved and not being destroyed by it”

Keep smiling no matter what is the motto of the day.

Easy, easy, easy to say but too hard to do everyday. Try at least.

Nothing is forever, when you’re sad just remember that happiness will hit you too someday, hug the hope and wait for your time, when it comes, remember that it won’t last forever either so just live it up, enjoy every second of it.

While you  wait for the best time of your life just remember to taste every opportunity that seems to lead to happiness, even if you’re scared that it won’t, even f you don’t want to get hurt, you’ll regret more if you don’t try.

Whenever you feel betrayed, sad, useless, not good enough just think that you are meant to be a strong person and you weren’t made for an easy life with medium achievements. No, you’re supposed to be a leader, a person that weaker people look up to. Don’t look for less. Always think that you can do better than you did before. Always ask yourself for more, don’t settle down when a little happiness shows up at your door, you can have more, you can have it all but only if you work harder. No pain, no game, right?

I don’t think that haters are useless, I don’t think that you should ignore them. Maybe it’s the wrong way to think, I don’t know. But maybe they have a reason to hate, maybe along the way you really did something “hateble” or maybe not. But I think that they point out your flaws and you should learn from it, don’t be sad because they exist, they are more sad than you are because they don’t even see their defects and they don’t have a beautiful life like you have, they don’t posses your strength or your skills, they just watch you from afar and comment.

So don’t be sad if you didn’t reach your goal yet, your life is not ending right now, you still have time….. also don’t forget to enjoy every moment of this amazing journey called “LIFE”, if you can’t be the best, at least you’ll be happy because you tried, you have to!!

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Something I’m Not

That’s it…I can’t stand you and your behavior…I’m so fed up with you…You’re not healthy for me…I don’t want you in my life…I don’t want you anywhere near me…You constantly piss me off…I don’t love you, I don’t even like you…But you don’t understand…You’re not the boss of me…No one is…I do what I want, this my life, this is my free will…What is wrong with you…Stop forcing me, stop forcing the world…You’re all bunch of selfish liars…I’m not afraid of you, I’ve had it with you and your fake behavior…You keep painting yourself as saints, but I can see through you…I might not be perfect but I’m not afraid to admit I’m wrong…But you claim that you’re right and everyone else is wrong…That you’re so good and everybody around you are so evil…You can feed your lies to someone else…I don’t believe a word you say…Stop playing the victim, because you’re not, you’re just another fool so full of yourself…I might not know how it feels, yet, but you, mister, are barking under the wrong tree…I didn’t have a choice but now I’m strong and I live again…And I don’t want to hear any more lies…You seriously think you’re the only one suffering…Oh, poor you, but you certainly don’t act like someone in pain…You’re just blinded by your own lies and hatred…I’m not gonna do you any favors and it’s the time you should realize it…I’m gonna be me, the real me…I’m tired of hiding, I’m tired of all this crap going on…I’m not weak any more…Soon it will all be over, so you can go ahead and hate me if you like…Because I’ll rather be hated for something I am than be loved for something I’m not…So hate me for being me…I don’t care…It’s me and if you can’t handle the truth then don’t come near me…I know just the thing that will make you run away…It’s time to step and speak up…Just a little more and then the moment of truth will come…Until then: =>

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