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His fingers slowly slide down her arm, caressing her soft, velvet-like skin. He looks into her eyes so deeply she can’t resist to do anything but look away. She can’t stand the fact that he might see too far inside of her. He picks her up, her legs wrap around him. Holding her, he walks over to the end of the bed and sits down. With the gentlest care he places the hair that’s in her face behind her ears. There he goes again, looking at her, looking deep into her soul. He rubs his knuckles against her cheek. She kisses him. With the simplest perfection he slowly takes her shirt off, still kissing her. Then she removes his. They move farther back onto the bed, but this time he is on top, the heat from both of their bodies radiating. They kiss one another, getting more and more intense. He kisses her neck and at the same time his hands are rubbing up and down her body. From her neck, he moves down to her tummy, kissing her in small quick kisses. He unbuttons her pants and undresses the rest of her. Now his hands are free to roam anywhere, and pleasure her where ever need be. They make their route up and down her thighs, teasing her, not yet touching where she really wants to be touched the most. He makes his way back up to her lips, before he kisses her, once again he gives her the look that she know holds so much depth. There he went, kissing her, hands making her body tremble as he plays with her. He finally makes his entrance. His deep entrance. Thrusting himself, going in and out so slowly. Kissing her lips, kissing her neck. Making her feel so good. He gets faster, he gets harder. Making her sigh, making her moan, making her scream. Giving her exactly what she wanted.

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Too much passion, and too much love fill her veins. Maybe that’s why she cries tears of blood. Streaming down her soft, delicate face, the blood drips slowly. Her eyes welt as she cries over something she will never understand fully. Listen closely, you might hear the sound of her heart as it cracks. Be gentle, for the slightest movement could make the whole thing shatter. Don’t bother asking what’s the matter, the girl with the tears of blood will never tell. She will never open up, she will just pretend to be tough. But don’t let it fool you, deep down inside she has feelings too. Look hard enough you might witness everything she withholds internally, disregard what’s visible on the surface, look past what she let’s be seen externally. She hurts. She cries these tears of blood as the passion rips through her so armored veins. This girl is crumbling. Piece by piece, her whole world is fumbling. She needs a savior to come to her rescue. But no one hears her call. She can’t take it anymore, she can’t take it all. She who cries tears of blood, who guards herself so perfectly, who pretends to be okay, is fighting a battle she just can’t win. The only thing left is to give up, giving up is no sin. It’s alright, everything will be fine, she says trying to reassure her self. But who is she reassuring as her alter go starts to melt. The walls she has enforced are slowly starting to burn down. As the embers fly away, so does everything that has made this girl feel sound. She’s done. Exhausted. Crying tears of blood.

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