I lay here, our bodies naked, pressed against each other, and I never want it to end.  Each kiss feels so perfect, every stroke of your hand down my ass and onto my legs make me shiver, the feel of my hands moving across your body, so beautiful.

You lay your head on my stomach, and I massage your neck, your shoulders, your scalp. Try to ease the tension of your days, relax your racing mind, help your body be at rest.  To lay there, being the one to caress the days away for you, to feel the perfectness that is you, here with me, to hear you moan as I work the kinks out of your neck….it’s all so, well, so amazing.

To leave is not fair, I do not want to go. I want to stay there, move my whole life into yours. Never have to let you go each night, to wake up and see your face, to kiss those lips.  To be there when you get home, to ask how your day ways, to see the children run up and hug you.

Sadly, I am going home now. I put on my shoes, I kiss you goodbye, embrace in a hug, oh wait, I hold on tighter, press into your body, oh how beautiful this feels.  And yet, we have to let go of each other. Kiss those lips one more time, put my head down in sadness, and make my way to my car.

Weak in the knees, a smile on my face.  I look back at your window, I say quietly, Good night baby, I love you.  Vision blurry, trying to gain focus of the night sky. I’m still in awe at how you make me feel.  How in so little time, I know the feelings that are coming over me.  I’ve felt true love before, I do not fear this, only fear a heartbreak.  But, I will not fight this, I will let this come to be, to be in love is a blessing, and baby, you have me falling in love with you.

Now I lay here, alone in my own bed. I wonder how you are, if you were able to fall asleep, wonder what you are thinking.  Are you falling in love with me? Time for me to sleep now, I will sleep with the memory of your arms around me, your body warming mine, your touch making me tremble and your kiss making me float high above the clouds.

Someday, I will be able to tell you all these things to your face. But for now, my love for you will continue to grow, to strengthen and in time, I will look into your amazing blue eyes, and tell you ‘I love you’

Sleep well my love

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