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Many people suffer heartache, abuse, pain from all different kinds of situations. There is too many incidents of abuse, neglect, hurt and pain that goes on right between the walls you live in. People reach out for help by telling family a secret that shouldn’t be a secret and Family just cover the pain up, not realizing it never goes away for the person who hurts. Yeah, I’m sure everyone got a family secret, right? Parents often overlook things or rather be in denial because they don’t know how to handle things or process it all. Well it’s not good because as a child they want to know that no matter what they can go to their parents and they will protect them, believe in them and trust them.

Parents take the time to talk to your kids and stop putting people before them. Take chances with your own life but don’t put your child in danger because you want to live foolish. Sometimes you know the answer you just refuse to accept it because then you have to face the ugly truth. The mirror you stand in every morning only reflect what you look like, but your heart that beats inside you holds the truth of who you really are!

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